Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mascara.... the hunt for the perfect look

So Mascara can either make or break a look.  I've noticed amazing makeup barely get the recognition it needs because that framework just isn't there.  Personally I have gone through a ton of drugstore brands to try and find the perfect match.

I think I finally stumbled onto it.  SO I love Mary Kay and have been using them almost exclusively the last year.  However, sometimes I wish I could get a little more volume without 3 coats.  What I have noticed was when I was sent Rimmel's Retro Glam that it had volume in spades.

So when I need a fast dash I grab one coat of Mary Kay and one Rimmel and between the two it looks like I have the best set of lashes in town.

This picture doesn't even do it justice... I have blonde-y light brown loashes that are super hard to see and

Crazy mama no mo'

This school semester has been beyond crazy.  I haven't had a spare moment to blog and only a little bit of time to Facebook.  I could bore you about the stress and tedium that its been lately, but instead I'm gonna talk about how I decided to cope today.  I did my nails all pretty, threw some coconut oil n my hair and a face mask on.

And I'm only gonna share the nail pic (I'd need more vodka for the rest::-P)!!
Then I got my old bunny slippers and put some new cushions in (Cozy Cushions!!)

Now I'mma gonna grab a nice hot cup of coffee, watch some makeup tutorials while everything soaks in and just relax... maybe snack up on some truffles.  

Sometimes you just gotta take a break from it all

Thursday, October 10, 2013

School, Makeup and Cheese

Its been a crazy lately and to be honest I've been a little overwhelmed.  I decided to start selling Mary Kay, school has been non stop, the kids are pulling in different directions and the Hubster decided that school might be an awesome route for him too.

On top of that I'm the heaviest I've ever been which is frustrating.  Makeup however fits regardless of 20 pounds being up, and for that I am thankful;.  However school leaves very little time to practice since I am not going to beauty school.

So I have to think smart and cut some corners, especially since my teen is always ravenous.  We grab a LOT of cheese sticks and apples for on the go snacking around here.  The other is a whole wheat tortilla and stick warmed on a pan with a little bit of salsa.

Sargento paired up with Influenster so they picked me to try their cheese sticks, which to be honest I hadn't even realized they had cheese sticks.  I'm glad I got to check them out.  We picked up Sharp Cheddar and a mix of cheddar and mozzarella.  The amount of protein was both a surprise and a delight for me, and they tasted super yummy.  I don't think either pack lasted longer then 3 days and its already become a staple for the kids to take to school for a snack.

All this easy grab and go does something special for me.  It leaves me more time for makeup... which to be honest is where I'd rather be...

(Influenster sent me the VOX BOX however the thoughts are purely)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vox Box with Cheese Voucher

SO I'm part of a site called Influenster.  People talk honestly about products and hey sometimes you can get sent things to try.  Given how crazy my life has been like I was bummed I haven't blogged but super geeked to at least share my experience.  I got the coupon for one free cheese snack and a 1.00 off another.  Off to the store... lots of variety. 

I've been trying to cut calories so the low fat mozzarella and the sharp for a taste of yum were my choices.  They didn't last long... the kids devoured them, but mom did manage to snag a few and they were perfect for in between classes with some crackers or whatnot.

Considering the protein, I like that the kids enjoyed it.  Sometimes dinner isn't on the table cause mom forgot due to watching makeup tutorials....

We also got some of the cheese snacks and made cheese stuffed meatballs.. not a leftover in the house.  
Needless to say cheese is always a hit here, and I love the flavor.  

Oh and just so you know:
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."
I have to say that, but know anything I decide to review I also decide the info and will not be swayed by anything.  I'm as blunt as it gets.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Such a slacker I've been!

I sometimes struggle with trying to get anything accomplished throughout the day,  I have Ohh Shiney Syndrome... if it's shiny I'll at least stop to look.  The interwebs have Ooh Shineies EVERYWHERE, with every link.  Especially now that more then half my Facebook feed is nothing but beauty related.

Amazing picture and/or tutorial here  *click*... List of products.  Oh that looks cool *click*  New product line.... *click*... reviews to read.... Next thing I know its dinmner time, and all I've done is wallow in makeup land.  Not that that's bad, but damned if it doesn't play havoc on my sleep schedule.

I at least  manged to get my mostly cream and powdered shadows magnetized and placed on cookie sheets from the dollar store.  I'm not done as I am planning on decorating them and putting a punch through so I can hang them, but I'm pretty danged excited.  This means some serious reorganization can happen.  Currently I have all my makeup at my desk.  What I *want* is a vanity.  I'm still working on that.  In the mean time this will help with organizing and let me remember some of the very awesome colors I have.

Unless of course I add a ton of new product to the table and completely mess with it all....

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Urban Decay's Ammo Box aka Shiny Glittery FUN

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So one of  the "newer" toys I've purchased was the Urban Decay Ammo Box.  I've been using it for several months now, and let me give you the skinny (which I also did @ Influenster)
You’re not going to find many un-shiny colors in this palette. They all blend really well as well and are highly pigmented.

Smog- Beautiful mid dark brown with glimmers of shine. Really a good go to brown to have.

Mildew- A mossy darker green. Slightly shimmer but the most matte of all the colors.

Oil Slick- very pigmented black with silver specks. A little goes a long way with all of these but especially this guy.

Last Call- A pearled purple pink. I love using it, and it’s very pigmented.

Chopper- Peachy brown with silver shimmer. I love to pair it with Smog as the highlight color.

Maui Wowie- My least favorite. In the pan looks like a lovely gold but it rarely goes well with anything but Mildew.

Shattered- The 2nd most matte color in the palette. A little pearl and one of the loveliest medium blues.

Polyester Bride- Sparkly White. This one can get a tinged overdone fast. It’s like the Oil slick, start with a little and build.

Grifter- A lighter (but not pastel) purple with a tinged of silver sparkle. 

 Sin- A pearled peach color, great as a highlighter.

By far an awesome palette and one to add to anything you currently own.  I am so glad I bought this one.  

Quick post before the paper demons chase me down again....

So many posts I've wanted to make, and looks as well.  Mostly I have settled with Facebook quickies because hey, I can manage to do that in 2 minute increments.

I wasn't hoping that my summer would be mellow.  It's not.  School eats every waking moment and I find my self only allowed the retreat to my workouts... blech.  Which sadly hasn't been as often as I'd like either.

I recently purchased an indie brand called Geek Chic.  They're 2 minutes from my home town and their stuff is all based off of "geeky" things.  Ninja Turtles, Firefly, Portal etc etc.

I want to do a full review but  haven't had much time to do more then give it a go with my daily looks, but I like them thus far.  The only issue that even remotely pops out is with getting it wet it feels like I have to use a ton more product, but I'm not totally sure if that for all and how subjective it may be.

Yes I know the brows need a groom... haven't had time for that either!!

This is with several products.  Some indie some L'Oreal and bare minerals.

I cannot wait for my 2 week break where I can play more!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


I've had so much of my own stuff going on, and haven;t been able to post or play which seems supremely small in comparison to Talia.

She's well known in the makeup community and beyond.  I've been following her story for awhile and today when I saw the post my piddling worries went out the window.

So please, say a prayer if you're so inclined, whisper some good juju to the wind, whatever you can for this brave and truly joyous person and her family.

I can't imagine it and I truly grieve for her and her family.  I hate cancer

Monday, July 1, 2013

BH and their shipping/customer service

I had heard about BH cosmetics pretty soon after diving into all the boards, sites and  Initially I was ecstatic about a cost effective solution to my makeup wants with high pigments, but as I tend to do with companies I've never worked with before, I did some research.  The research had some not so favorable things to say.  So I sadly put everything away and looked into other brands.  I kept getting pulled back form other people, even family and decided I'd give it a go.

I am so frikkin' glad I did!

They totally have an A with me.  I bought several palettes, got it on time BUT one palette of 120 had *A* broken color.  I contacted them, and they had a new one out after I took a pic and emailed it, ASAP.  No headache, no issues.

Urban Decay did the same, sans even needing a pic but with a high end brand I guess I expect good care.

BH is an pocketbook friendly alternative to flesh out your makeup collection, and I am pleased as punch.  The colors are build-able, blend-able and work so well.  So far I've purchased their 1-4th edition palettes, and at 120 colors per I haven't even made a dent in the time.  I'm really liking some of the colors, and I love how their mattes work, and their shimmers.

I also picked up a gel liner in Metal, and it is a smooth formula, which means I will be picking up more as money permits.

I currently have the 5th edition on its way as well as trying out some brushes so we'll see, but so far I've been really happy with my experiences.

Some colors need more work but honestly, they give me so many options especially when I go to try new things.  Half the time I wouldn't even have a nearly close color needed without these guys.  It's also been fun with letting others help pick color combos because I can do what they want and still make it look good.

Some of these looks have some other products used, but the base and most the colors were strict BH palettes

BH doesn't know me, this isn't sponsored in any way. In fact none of my posts have been.  I'm just really surprised and super happy.  

UD's Ammo Box

Ammo Box from Urban Decay... it's lovely.  The one complaint is using it had glitter on my face no matter what I did.  I'm going to try BFTE's mix and fix next time to see if that might help... Oil slick is a lovely black coupled with polyester bride(white)  last call (deep pink) and smog(coppery brown)... super fun to play with
I edited this only for supremely crappy bad lighting.  I live in Oregon so of course we seem to have spring in Summer and Summer and Spring this year....and still this was the only pic to come out.  I also tend to just want to play with palettes in-between assignments to DE-stress.

I have been wanting to experiment with some colors this next week.  There's a green and pink I wanna try.  However, the last attempt was baaaad.  I need to learn the art of simplicity.

What palette do you love most this summer?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Minty Lemon....

BH palettes are amazeballs.  I am studying all this week and barely have time to play but I saw a cute look on and had to do it.

Not the best pic but it's in a  hurry.
I used BFTE's Sunshine and BH Palette I think #4.  Urban Decay's Underground finished out the look.
I need better lighting however for picture taking, and even though its summer in Oregon its been super overcast.  I have a couple more looks to upload but not today.  First week of Summer term and I am already feeling overloaded....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day of changes and a package!!

Had an awesome but super busy filled day... new desk/office area which has an awesome space for storing and doing my makeup as well as 4 palette's from BH.... the sheer amount of new colors is just staggering!!
Here's hopin' I get to squeeze in a good chunk of time to just play tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

80's makeup memories

The 80's were a blur to me as it was my childhood.  Some of the pop culture references I get, others not so much.  One of my fondest batch of memories was makeup and my mom. The first one I can recall vividly was my mom getting ready for work and her going through her makeup routine at the kitchen table.  I soooo wanted to join in, so I went and grabbed the bluest blue she had and just begged to have it on.  I think I was five, and to this day I can remember her telling me blue was hard to wear. To this day, blue remains a favorite of mine and I can still see that chunky single palette with that vivid teal that always looked prettier in the packaging then the result on my face.  I didn't care because I was wearing makeup!!!

The 80's makeup was all bright colors and super too much blush (trust me that ad lies) and thick thick black liner.  Looking at many of the images, it's no wonder color appeals to me more then neutrals... although they can keep the pastel pink and violet eye and lip combo.

  My mom couldn't keep me out of her makeup case from that time on. From slathering my face before school and high tailing it out of their with mom's perfume, makeup and accessories by 3rd grade I was a fashion plate. Or so I thought.  I probably looked more like a bad skinny Mimi from that Dr Carey show.  I remember my teacher commenting on it, and now I can see the sheer bafflement in her tone as to why I thought I needed it.  I couldn't articulate it then, and only now can say it feeds the soul.  To me, makeup is much less about covering up then showing something.  Something soft, or beautiful or interesting.   My face which is the same day in and out is the canvas.

Or at least that's what its evolved to.  Underneath is still that sheer love of color.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sunset Eyes

Recently I saw a look on that totally screamed summer, warm shades and beautiful colors.
I decided to try and replicate it.  Recently acquiring BFTE's Rainbow Palette had some super yummy shades, three of which came to mind immediately for this look.

After a solid foundation, I primed using Urban Decay's Primer Potion.  Then NYX's Cottage Cheese.  Followed with Beauty From the Earths: Shine Bright and Lemon up to my crease.  Then Lava Mama in the crease and a little above it with a little Raspberry.  Top it with Tangerine in the lower corners fading into the center.  Whisper on the brow right below the eyebrow.  Eyeliner- UD and Milani Black Gems and a coat of Mary Kay Black Mascara.

I think I need more pink for next time but I'm really rather pleased with how this came out.

BFTE.... How New our love is....

One of the new brands I recently was turned to is called BFTE.  I haven't been able to try ALL of their amazing products, as my budget it limited.  However I did pick up their 
Mix and Fix 
Neutral palette  
Rainbow palette.  
Let me just say the colors are amazing.  In fact they have allowed soooo many looks, and these are just sample sets.  

The Mix and Fix makes sure no fall out, the color will pop and stay put.  I love love love it. 

The neutral palette has some amazing colors.  I looked at Truffle as iffy, and instead it's this gorgeous mid dark brown.  Spring Fever is this a gorgeous super light brown with pink undertones which is by far a favorite of mine.  I wasn't super excited about Mississippi Mud which is the darkest and grittiest.  However, I'm planning on giving it another go because I saw the loveliest look on with it.

The rainbow palette.  This palette is a favorite of mine, the colors are just... perfect.  In fact they helped create this look:
I haven't been able to use all of the colors yet, but that's been a time issue. Gem and Lemon and Lava Mama are the three at the top of the list that just amazed me but all of them rock. 

I also picked up several other colors that looked amazing to me outside of these palettes.  Overall, especially for a company I can't buy at Sephora or Ulta I was super super impressed with the pigments.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A nice shock!

L'Oreal has been a surprise for me.  One of their newest products had me from the get go.  I like to when I infrequently go shopping wander all the isles.  The packaging called to me.  There's something to be said for this bright round packaging where the eye-shadow is the star.  And there's a love in my heart for the perfectly shaped little squares.

Inside is  awesome eye-shadow that anyone can use, very little fall out.  I initially grabbed Glistening Garnet

and then bought 6 others by the next weekend.  This shocked me for over the counter drug tore purchasing.  The pigmentation is gorgeous and a very nice feel being applied.  I wear with a primer ( I have a few faves but currently it's a toss up between BFTE's Primer and Urban Decays Primer Potion)and NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil
 in either milk or cottage cheese.  Which by way is amazing!  This pencil is like the holy grain of eye shadow helpers.   It makes the eye makeup just pop, and so inexpensive.  I also love it for in the corner to brighten.  

NYX is a brand I plan on delving into more.  

What product did you try that made you pleasantly surprised?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pintrest... the things you do to me

Pinterest... you are by far one of my main addictions.  I love a site that urges you to be creative and share with others cool things that you love.  My boards are many.  Not just catering to makeup, but all the things I love.  To me, that's part of the charm.  There's no narrowing of interest and there are so many other things that feed my creativity.  Especially in terms of color combo's and shading.  

What started out as light bafflement turned into a serious addiction for awhile.  We've managed to tame the beast but I still use it even at my busiest as both a stress relief and a creative outlet for when school is on breaks.  

Pinterest also has helped me keep track and recommend current favorites as well as have a handy go to list of products I want to try.  

I'm so not a make up snob or a one brand person, and rarely do I think you find people who are.  It's all about what works for you and what makes you happy.  Currently I've really been stretching my comfort zone and will continue to do so because I love to try new things.  

Over the course of this month I'll be giving a shout out to my faves as well as some of the new product I've dragged into my makeup bag. Kinda got spoiled this spring, and I've been loving all the new product to try.

Most of my first makeup lines was Maybelline.  I gotta say I still love certain things you can get from them.  A year or so ago I was wandering the isles as I am known to do and I found this little gems.  I like that especially for the beginner there's no doubt about what color combo's to use to compliment it and one of the shades is a shimmery shade.  I love all things shiny and glittery so I jumped on the bandwagon.  I happen to own 4 out of the 5 palettes and would love to snag the blue... they just happen to be out every time I think about it. If you omit the sparkles you can even wear this as office wear and they go one super well.  

(FYI not affiliated or paid by anyone, just my own personal opinion)

Monday, June 10, 2013


I have a love for all things makeup. Dabbing on a new color or finding a new brand makes me giddier then ever.  I talk about it, read about it and generally revel in all these things.  Here's a to a place where I can journal my thoughts as I grow with this medium that makes me far happier then I ever thought it would.