Tuesday, June 18, 2013

80's makeup memories

The 80's were a blur to me as it was my childhood.  Some of the pop culture references I get, others not so much.  One of my fondest batch of memories was makeup and my mom. The first one I can recall vividly was my mom getting ready for work and her going through her makeup routine at the kitchen table.  I soooo wanted to join in, so I went and grabbed the bluest blue she had and just begged to have it on.  I think I was five, and to this day I can remember her telling me blue was hard to wear. To this day, blue remains a favorite of mine and I can still see that chunky single palette with that vivid teal that always looked prettier in the packaging then the result on my face.  I didn't care because I was wearing makeup!!!

The 80's makeup was all bright colors and super too much blush (trust me that ad lies) and thick thick black liner.  Looking at many of the images, it's no wonder color appeals to me more then neutrals... although they can keep the pastel pink and violet eye and lip combo.

  My mom couldn't keep me out of her makeup case from that time on. From slathering my face before school and high tailing it out of their with mom's perfume, makeup and accessories by 3rd grade I was a fashion plate. Or so I thought.  I probably looked more like a bad skinny Mimi from that Dr Carey show.  I remember my teacher commenting on it, and now I can see the sheer bafflement in her tone as to why I thought I needed it.  I couldn't articulate it then, and only now can say it feeds the soul.  To me, makeup is much less about covering up then showing something.  Something soft, or beautiful or interesting.   My face which is the same day in and out is the canvas.

Or at least that's what its evolved to.  Underneath is still that sheer love of color.

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