Saturday, August 10, 2013

Urban Decay's Ammo Box aka Shiny Glittery FUN

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So one of  the "newer" toys I've purchased was the Urban Decay Ammo Box.  I've been using it for several months now, and let me give you the skinny (which I also did @ Influenster)
You’re not going to find many un-shiny colors in this palette. They all blend really well as well and are highly pigmented.

Smog- Beautiful mid dark brown with glimmers of shine. Really a good go to brown to have.

Mildew- A mossy darker green. Slightly shimmer but the most matte of all the colors.

Oil Slick- very pigmented black with silver specks. A little goes a long way with all of these but especially this guy.

Last Call- A pearled purple pink. I love using it, and it’s very pigmented.

Chopper- Peachy brown with silver shimmer. I love to pair it with Smog as the highlight color.

Maui Wowie- My least favorite. In the pan looks like a lovely gold but it rarely goes well with anything but Mildew.

Shattered- The 2nd most matte color in the palette. A little pearl and one of the loveliest medium blues.

Polyester Bride- Sparkly White. This one can get a tinged overdone fast. It’s like the Oil slick, start with a little and build.

Grifter- A lighter (but not pastel) purple with a tinged of silver sparkle. 

 Sin- A pearled peach color, great as a highlighter.

By far an awesome palette and one to add to anything you currently own.  I am so glad I bought this one.  

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