Thursday, October 10, 2013

School, Makeup and Cheese

Its been a crazy lately and to be honest I've been a little overwhelmed.  I decided to start selling Mary Kay, school has been non stop, the kids are pulling in different directions and the Hubster decided that school might be an awesome route for him too.

On top of that I'm the heaviest I've ever been which is frustrating.  Makeup however fits regardless of 20 pounds being up, and for that I am thankful;.  However school leaves very little time to practice since I am not going to beauty school.

So I have to think smart and cut some corners, especially since my teen is always ravenous.  We grab a LOT of cheese sticks and apples for on the go snacking around here.  The other is a whole wheat tortilla and stick warmed on a pan with a little bit of salsa.

Sargento paired up with Influenster so they picked me to try their cheese sticks, which to be honest I hadn't even realized they had cheese sticks.  I'm glad I got to check them out.  We picked up Sharp Cheddar and a mix of cheddar and mozzarella.  The amount of protein was both a surprise and a delight for me, and they tasted super yummy.  I don't think either pack lasted longer then 3 days and its already become a staple for the kids to take to school for a snack.

All this easy grab and go does something special for me.  It leaves me more time for makeup... which to be honest is where I'd rather be...

(Influenster sent me the VOX BOX however the thoughts are purely)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vox Box with Cheese Voucher

SO I'm part of a site called Influenster.  People talk honestly about products and hey sometimes you can get sent things to try.  Given how crazy my life has been like I was bummed I haven't blogged but super geeked to at least share my experience.  I got the coupon for one free cheese snack and a 1.00 off another.  Off to the store... lots of variety. 

I've been trying to cut calories so the low fat mozzarella and the sharp for a taste of yum were my choices.  They didn't last long... the kids devoured them, but mom did manage to snag a few and they were perfect for in between classes with some crackers or whatnot.

Considering the protein, I like that the kids enjoyed it.  Sometimes dinner isn't on the table cause mom forgot due to watching makeup tutorials....

We also got some of the cheese snacks and made cheese stuffed meatballs.. not a leftover in the house.  
Needless to say cheese is always a hit here, and I love the flavor.  

Oh and just so you know:
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."
I have to say that, but know anything I decide to review I also decide the info and will not be swayed by anything.  I'm as blunt as it gets.