Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quick post before the paper demons chase me down again....

So many posts I've wanted to make, and looks as well.  Mostly I have settled with Facebook quickies because hey, I can manage to do that in 2 minute increments.

I wasn't hoping that my summer would be mellow.  It's not.  School eats every waking moment and I find my self only allowed the retreat to my workouts... blech.  Which sadly hasn't been as often as I'd like either.

I recently purchased an indie brand called Geek Chic.  They're 2 minutes from my home town and their stuff is all based off of "geeky" things.  Ninja Turtles, Firefly, Portal etc etc.

I want to do a full review but  haven't had much time to do more then give it a go with my daily looks, but I like them thus far.  The only issue that even remotely pops out is with getting it wet it feels like I have to use a ton more product, but I'm not totally sure if that for all and how subjective it may be.

Yes I know the brows need a groom... haven't had time for that either!!

This is with several products.  Some indie some L'Oreal and bare minerals.

I cannot wait for my 2 week break where I can play more!!

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