Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things that make you go hmm?

Doing someone else's makeup is so very interesting because you get to try new things... here's the before and after just hanging out and trying some new stuff.  Sometimes with depression doing some pampering can help your overall feelings.

This next term I'm only doing part time school in order to get a bit of a break.  I've been going full term for almost 2 years (with summers) and I still have work to do on my associates.  Some is due to extra classes for awards/new language and Math has always been a challenge. 

This next term I am hoping to do more makeup, more Weight Watchers, more swimming and walking and talking with my doc, and less stressing out!!  Part of that will be playing in my makeup! I ended up ordering the Electric Palette from Sephora (woot) so it should be here the day after my kids birthday (/squee).

Funny that, I got a call from Ulta yesterday.  They apologized and I guess the store gets their stuff out after the web, which doesn't make sense.  I get UD having an unveiling but having it stagger like that from UD to Online to Physical shop seems... like too much.

Looking forward to my Mary Kay shipment coming in soon as well.  They just came out with a BB cream and one a hell of a lot more affordable then my beloved Smashbox, so I cannot wait to see how it works out!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

One size fits all

I love makeup for so many reasons.  Trying to list them all would be exhausting because I find something new to appreciate daily.  Yesterday it was the fact that I got to be creative and try something new.  I rarely do a bold thick eyeliner, and decided to because I had run my budget and could afford the Electric Palette from Urban Decay.  I figured I might be able to pair the bold liner with a gorgeous new color and could hardly contain myself.  Once more, I had enough time to stop by Ulta and pick it up... only I was ignored by several staff as I looked up and down the isle to figure out where they moved the Urban Decay.

Finally I had enough trying to hunt it down and centered myself in front of someone so I couldn't be ignored.  She shuffled me over quickly, and then stopped in from of the display eyeing me up and down. Being a fat chick I know the look.  I looked fine, I don't do slovenly or even run down when I step out the door, except maybe the midnight grocery run.  I had a lovely pair of slacks paid with a cami and overshirt.  My makeup was flawless.  The hair even looked cute.

She then told me it wasn't available when I asked where the palette was, and I was baffled to hear her say it wasn't available.  I know while beauty bloggers get mailed palettes first to review them and have us salivate, that I had an email and had been drooling over Urban Decay's website when I got the email that it was available.  I had even that morning checked to make sure it was for sale online to see if their price was different from Sephora's.  Hell it was even available at Sephora as well.  I dunno if physical stores get a different release time or what.  The rep even told me she knew when it would be at the store but seemed to gleefully let me know she couldn't let me in on it.  Which counter intuitive from a selling standpoint.

I won't pretend I wasn't bummed it wasn't available, even though it is online.  What bothered me more what that snobbery and strange love hate thing that goes on with these shops.  I have heard in the past others talk about Sephora like this, and to be honest because of my weight and knowing people only see the fat rather then a person, I tend to order online but I don't think that's going to fix it.  Regardless of my size, I will never fit the norm of perfect, and I shouldn't have to force a customer service rep to acknowledge me or even treat my with some civility.

Luckily for me, a little time with a palette like today can help shake off those things.  Too Faced "Totally Fetch" from the pretty little rebel palette can make everything awesome!  That pink is so highly pigmented a little seriously goes a long way.  I love it!  And sometimes I need that reminder to embrace Miss Piggy, a character who loves herself regardless of anyone else rather then pulling an Eeyore.