Monday, July 1, 2013

UD's Ammo Box

Ammo Box from Urban Decay... it's lovely.  The one complaint is using it had glitter on my face no matter what I did.  I'm going to try BFTE's mix and fix next time to see if that might help... Oil slick is a lovely black coupled with polyester bride(white)  last call (deep pink) and smog(coppery brown)... super fun to play with
I edited this only for supremely crappy bad lighting.  I live in Oregon so of course we seem to have spring in Summer and Summer and Spring this year....and still this was the only pic to come out.  I also tend to just want to play with palettes in-between assignments to DE-stress.

I have been wanting to experiment with some colors this next week.  There's a green and pink I wanna try.  However, the last attempt was baaaad.  I need to learn the art of simplicity.

What palette do you love most this summer?

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