Friday, July 25, 2014

Where does the time go?

So previously I talked about the Unzipped by Lorac.  I've been using it all week pretty universally.

Obviously with primer is a much better bet, all of these performed well and so buttery without fallout.  A perfect palette for those in a business setting... Also very easy to take from a daytime look to something more night time appropriate in less then 5 minutes...
It's a subtle difference but can be deepened even more so for more drama depending on your wishes.  
All in all for a palette I bought on whim I am super impressed and its been a go to for my career type wear.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I want all the things

SO much has been going on, my Facebook seems to see me more then any other social media... well that and Pinterest.  That place is like crack...

I've recently been quietly acquiring new product, and doing lots of research into new techniques and how to apply them.  It's been fascinating but I will tell you that while some of the Facebook boards have been chock full of information, sometimes its a scary place to be...

However I did pick up several goodies from Sugarpill, Lorac, Too Faced and NYX and cannot wait to share my thoughts.  Between them I have several fun looks as well as a few more day wear/business appropriate looks that still give some OOMPH!

First I'll talk about the Unzipped palette which is new to me and bought on a whim... and I am so happy about my whims sometimes.  I have to say I like this even more then the Original Urban Decay Naked palette which is crazy.  Urban Decay is a holy grail, but this... so buttery and no fall out and the pigments are just perfect, and easily blend able.

Tomorrow I'll show you swatches with and without primer as well as a great daytime look that with this palette can then be jazzed up for an awesome date night face.