Monday, July 1, 2013

BH and their shipping/customer service

I had heard about BH cosmetics pretty soon after diving into all the boards, sites and  Initially I was ecstatic about a cost effective solution to my makeup wants with high pigments, but as I tend to do with companies I've never worked with before, I did some research.  The research had some not so favorable things to say.  So I sadly put everything away and looked into other brands.  I kept getting pulled back form other people, even family and decided I'd give it a go.

I am so frikkin' glad I did!

They totally have an A with me.  I bought several palettes, got it on time BUT one palette of 120 had *A* broken color.  I contacted them, and they had a new one out after I took a pic and emailed it, ASAP.  No headache, no issues.

Urban Decay did the same, sans even needing a pic but with a high end brand I guess I expect good care.

BH is an pocketbook friendly alternative to flesh out your makeup collection, and I am pleased as punch.  The colors are build-able, blend-able and work so well.  So far I've purchased their 1-4th edition palettes, and at 120 colors per I haven't even made a dent in the time.  I'm really liking some of the colors, and I love how their mattes work, and their shimmers.

I also picked up a gel liner in Metal, and it is a smooth formula, which means I will be picking up more as money permits.

I currently have the 5th edition on its way as well as trying out some brushes so we'll see, but so far I've been really happy with my experiences.

Some colors need more work but honestly, they give me so many options especially when I go to try new things.  Half the time I wouldn't even have a nearly close color needed without these guys.  It's also been fun with letting others help pick color combos because I can do what they want and still make it look good.

Some of these looks have some other products used, but the base and most the colors were strict BH palettes

BH doesn't know me, this isn't sponsored in any way. In fact none of my posts have been.  I'm just really surprised and super happy.  

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