Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Such a slacker I've been!

I sometimes struggle with trying to get anything accomplished throughout the day,  I have Ohh Shiney Syndrome... if it's shiny I'll at least stop to look.  The interwebs have Ooh Shineies EVERYWHERE, with every link.  Especially now that more then half my Facebook feed is nothing but beauty related.

Amazing picture and/or tutorial here  *click*... List of products.  Oh that looks cool *click*  New product line.... *click*... reviews to read.... Next thing I know its dinmner time, and all I've done is wallow in makeup land.  Not that that's bad, but damned if it doesn't play havoc on my sleep schedule.

I at least  manged to get my mostly cream and powdered shadows magnetized and placed on cookie sheets from the dollar store.  I'm not done as I am planning on decorating them and putting a punch through so I can hang them, but I'm pretty danged excited.  This means some serious reorganization can happen.  Currently I have all my makeup at my desk.  What I *want* is a vanity.  I'm still working on that.  In the mean time this will help with organizing and let me remember some of the very awesome colors I have.

Unless of course I add a ton of new product to the table and completely mess with it all....

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