Friday, June 14, 2013

BFTE.... How New our love is....

One of the new brands I recently was turned to is called BFTE.  I haven't been able to try ALL of their amazing products, as my budget it limited.  However I did pick up their 
Mix and Fix 
Neutral palette  
Rainbow palette.  
Let me just say the colors are amazing.  In fact they have allowed soooo many looks, and these are just sample sets.  

The Mix and Fix makes sure no fall out, the color will pop and stay put.  I love love love it. 

The neutral palette has some amazing colors.  I looked at Truffle as iffy, and instead it's this gorgeous mid dark brown.  Spring Fever is this a gorgeous super light brown with pink undertones which is by far a favorite of mine.  I wasn't super excited about Mississippi Mud which is the darkest and grittiest.  However, I'm planning on giving it another go because I saw the loveliest look on with it.

The rainbow palette.  This palette is a favorite of mine, the colors are just... perfect.  In fact they helped create this look:
I haven't been able to use all of the colors yet, but that's been a time issue. Gem and Lemon and Lava Mama are the three at the top of the list that just amazed me but all of them rock. 

I also picked up several other colors that looked amazing to me outside of these palettes.  Overall, especially for a company I can't buy at Sephora or Ulta I was super super impressed with the pigments.  

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