Saturday, January 10, 2015


So I got a new box from Influenster, and it seemed to be focused on relaxing and basic care and primping.

I love trying new products, and this box mostly didn't disappoint... and one totally shocked me.

NYC's SugarPlum was a shocker.  It was so nice and it worked on me and my sister and my roommate, all of whom have different complexions.  Paired with Rimmel London's Scandeleyes Kohl in black and all i needed was a touch of blush and I was out the door this week.

The Fruit Vines were Cherry.  I'm not a huge Cherry fan but my sons are and between the three we made short work of them while working on homework this week.  Tasty, soft and waaaaay better then red vines.  We're planning a movie night for Cam's birthday and some Strawberry ones will make there way into the basket when I go shopping.

Cam was sick this last week so the candy cane lane tea sent was perfect.  I already love it and their sleepytime tea, and he is super picky.  He really liked it which made me feel better, cause I hate when the kids are sick and it was a nice treat.

I wish I had more then a small sample of the No7 serum since its supposed to work after 2 weeks, but it was nice.

All in all, a great box at a perfect time.

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