Monday, October 6, 2014

It's fall

I love fall.  I love the smells, colors and the pumpkin scented everything.  This fall in Oregon has been weird.  Too warm, too sunny and not nearly enough chilly days to suit me.

Plus I have not had much time to do anything with makeup.  I got a cpap machine and had a reaction to the plastic for the nose... and even the forehead.  I looked and felt like a leper and it's only now starting to mellow out.  I even backed off using my Clarisonic, which I will never do again.  My face broke out like it used to in my late teens.

I am excited about a few things.  I was hesitant about the vice 3 palette but then I saw they were all metallic and then I fell in love.  I am not super excited about the packaging, which is a surprise...
That green on the top is so calling to me.  The palette is about 60 bucks which is pretty typical especially for Urban Decay and for as big as this thing is.  I saw it hit the social media circuit pretty hard a few weeks ago and the chatter has yet to let up.  I may find myself wandering into Ulta or Sephora before the month is out to grab it.  There has to be some reward for the crazy homework I have to do, right?

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