Monday, June 9, 2014

Goodies! #TLC VoxBox

Sometimes you need the real world to drag you out of the norm.  Thankfully Influenster tends to send me little something somethings which makes me take some time for myself!!

The tissue with lotion I immediately passed to my husband because his allergies, with meds have been making his nose run and its been raw... he says the lotion has helped his face!  Yay!

I will say the Neosporin to go sounded silly but we've already used it three tines between the kids and myself.  Its been a blessing for the football accident that took out a huge patch of skin on the knee, a paper cut and a bit of rug burn.  The 14 year old totally seemed to love it and I may have lost it already.

I haven't tried the gas card yet but we're going to this weekend with all the errand running going on.  This will force me to leave the house and since I have to do makeup, I get to use the Avon Reversalist.  I love their packaging.  It slide down and there is a super clear reflective mirror on the top.  The texture is nice too.  I plan on seeing how it works with under eye wrinkles since I have two that are supah stubborn.

Then while on break from school I am totally using the Ivory soap to make liquid hand soap.  I love the scent and feel, the kids however are not nice to bars, and this will leave no mess.  The scent of Ivory does take me back. 

Don't you just love little packages in the mail to break up the monotony?
(yes I got this to review, but all the ideas and opinions are my own)   

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