Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things that make you go hmm?

Doing someone else's makeup is so very interesting because you get to try new things... here's the before and after just hanging out and trying some new stuff.  Sometimes with depression doing some pampering can help your overall feelings.

This next term I'm only doing part time school in order to get a bit of a break.  I've been going full term for almost 2 years (with summers) and I still have work to do on my associates.  Some is due to extra classes for awards/new language and Math has always been a challenge. 

This next term I am hoping to do more makeup, more Weight Watchers, more swimming and walking and talking with my doc, and less stressing out!!  Part of that will be playing in my makeup! I ended up ordering the Electric Palette from Sephora (woot) so it should be here the day after my kids birthday (/squee).

Funny that, I got a call from Ulta yesterday.  They apologized and I guess the store gets their stuff out after the web, which doesn't make sense.  I get UD having an unveiling but having it stagger like that from UD to Online to Physical shop seems... like too much.

Looking forward to my Mary Kay shipment coming in soon as well.  They just came out with a BB cream and one a hell of a lot more affordable then my beloved Smashbox, so I cannot wait to see how it works out!!

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