Thursday, March 13, 2014

BB Wha?

                Recently had someone ask about the difference between BB & CC cream and it got me into research mode.
                Tinted moisturizers used to be the rage, light coverage as well as helping hydrate skin.  However they cannot compare to a decent BB/CC/DD cream that does that and a whole lot more…  I knew that BB creams were super popular in Asia and found themselves here.  Initially for those who used the imports for the US versions to be lacking.
BB (Beauty Balm)
CC(Color Corrector)
DD (Daily Defense)
Light Foundation/Blemish Correction
Light Coverage/ Blemish Correction
Buildable Coverage
SPF/Still Should Sunscreen Beforehand

Oil Control/Blurs Lines
Less Redness/Sallow Look/Spot Corrector (Much Lighter Than Bb Cream)
Less Redness/Sallow Look/ Spot Corrector
Lighter Feel Then BB Cream
Lighter Feel Then BB Cream
Hydrates Skin
Minimizes Pores
Anti-Aging Benefits/Diminish Lines
Less Wrinkle Depth
Hides Marks From Old Breakouts & Fixes Them Over Time
Fixes Skin Texture
Oil Control/Blurs Lines

Hydrates Skin/Firms

Less Wrinkle Depth
Matte Skin

Fixes Skin Texture

                Really some like to use this when they want a natural look, others like to use it as a preface before using foundation. 
                For me I’ve tried a few and they all have their pros and cons.  I will say I like them because they do even out skin tone, and make it easier with or without adding foundation.  Typically out of the shower I SPF & moisturize the face then when I’m ready to apply makeup all I need is my primer and CC cream.  I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of difference between the BB/CC/DD debate or more about what brand does what.  Also it depends on skin.  Some find Garnier to be too oily.  I don’t, and in fact has a better foundation cover then some others.

                I will say there are several brands I still want to try because I’ve heard some amazing things about.  Especially Revlon, L’Oreal, and Mary Kay are looking good especially within a limited budget.  Smashbox is my personal fave right now, with Garnier right behind.  

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